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photo of carrots

Culture: Plant in full sun as soon as soil can be worked and keep soil moist until germination is apparent. In my clay, I dig a trench, fill it with compost and seed into the compost. The carrots produced are straighter and longer and thinning is not as necessary as the roots push each other out. Carrots grow better and taste better with consistent watering, and best yet, if left in the garden to get a frost, which sweetens them. All packets 250 seeds minimum.


  • Atomic Red
    Mild and sweet red roots grow 4-6" long. The colour on this one is exceptional — orange interior with an even lighter core. Grow something different!

  • Dragon Carrot      
    The finest, most refined purple carrot available. Sure to be the best selling carrot at specialty and farmers markets. The reddish-purple exterior provides an amazing contrast with the yellowish-orange interior when peeled or sliced. Sweet, almost spicy flavor. 90 days.

  •   Jaune du Doubs
    I first got carrot seed for this one from Kokopelli in France. It is a very old French heirloom, yellow in colour with a wonderful sweet mild taste. Shoulders are green, stores well. I find it tastes a bit better when you cook it.

  • Paris Market
    Highly sought after by gourmet restaurants and a great seller at markets. Early red-orange carrots, 1-2" in diameter, uniform and very sweet. Does well in shallow or stony soil. Can also be grown in containers. 50-68 days.

  • Scarlet Nantes
    Cylindrical roots are 7" long by 1-1/2" wide. Bright reddish-orange flesh, fine grained, nearly coreless, great flavor, sweet and brittle. Good as baby carrots. Good for storage, freezing and for juice. Widely adapted, excellent choice for the home and market gardener. 65-70 days. Packet 250 seeds.

  • White Satin
    Creamy white, 7-8" long carrot with a sweet and mild flavour and good crunchy carrot texture. Beautiful when bunched or served with other carrot colours. 65-70 days.